Richard Cudlow

Richard Cudlow

Author, Radio Presenter, Champion of "Our Kind Of Music"


In the following pages you will find content that I hope will be informative, amusing and entertaining.

I can promise you that everything has been the subject of intense research and verification.

All I ask is that you approach it with an open mind.

Sometimes truth, really is, stranger than fiction.

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Quotes to make you think...

"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. - Oprah Winfrey."

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Richard at 9 months

Richard's History

On this site Richard reveals his biography, how he got to where he is today. Try the 'Richard' and 'Family History' pages.

Cover of Richard's first book, Overseer


The 'Books' page takes you to the part dedicated to Richard's writing. You can find all his books and, on the "Research" page, some of the research that went into them. Look for the "Special Offer" at the bottom of the Books page.

The Christchurch Plesiosaur

Food for Thought

Any scientist will readily tell you how logical and matter-of-fact the universe is. And yet, when something happens that science, even in its purest form, cannot explain, they are strangely silent.

Try the Food For Thought page to discover things that science just can't explain.

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